Christmas Packaging


Over the last couple of years I've been thinking about my obligation to deliver pictures and how I want my artwork to be remembered. Much of the contemplation comes from observing rapidly changing digital technology. When I first started, I was able to fit an entire wedding on a DVD. Then as my camera equipment upgraded and USB drives became more affordable, I transitioned to using USB thumb drives to deliver images. I wonder if sending a little digital piece with so many precious memories is the best method to share pictures. This has led me to the belief that I will continue to use USBs (until another technology replaces them), but will also add to the experience to make it more meaningful for the families I serve.

Last year I connected with a small company that creates photography products that I fell in love with. Their wood pieces are crafted here in Ohio, by Amish artisans. My thoughts are that I want the method of digital file delivery to be as seamless and uncomplicated as possible (USBs), and for the photographs to be cherished and tucked away safely. I package the prints with love & care, and I can't tell you how proud I am to sign my name on each one that goes out. Heirloom Wedding Products & Packaging Products Products Heirloom Wedding Products & Packaging

All of my wedding packages now have proofs & an assortment of boxes to choose from. Photo boxes also help manage the album design process, because you can preview images in print before making the commitment in your album pages. Products Products Products

Opening the photo boxes creates a whole new event of its own. It's really important to me to give my brides this experience, it feels so much more genuine than a simple USB. It's especially fun to deliver them in person! Heirloom Wedding Products & Packaging

Loved using some of my poinsettia flowers for the packaging. They are festive and reminded me of my mom. Over the years they have become my absolute favorite flowers at Christmas.

My biggest challenge for 2015 is to make sure I continue to make a point to print photographs so we can enjoy their tangible existence instead of just their digital shadows. 

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*All images shot with my iPhone