Dayton's Best Instagram Interview with Andrea Dozier


Recently I was featured on "Dayton's Best" instagram account. I answered some questions about photography, so I thought I would share them here & also the pictures they used. 

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What is your favorite thing about this photo?

The honesty of this beautiful moment, from winter 2013 with my boys. They were oblivious to me and that's my favorite time to photograph them.

Dayton's Best Interview with

What is your favorite thing about this photo?

I took plenty of "perfect" stills of this sweet baby, but this photograph felt the most genuine & amusing. It was his first time seeing light, can you blame him for covering his face?

Dayton's Best Interview with

What is your favorite thing about this photo

This was after baking cookies with my kids on Christmas Eve. As I was cleaning I quickly scribbled "Merry Christmas" to my friends in the flour Damian had been playing with. I like that I didn't make it into something perfect or over think it, because that's usually what I have a tendency to do. I think that's what I love about iPhoneography and Instagram. You can share something without having to set up and obsess over each little part. It's about doing it.

What is your advice for becoming a better photographer?

Get just as comfortable seeing the world with your eyes as a lens, as you are looking behind the camera lens. Learn to let the two views work together and you'll discover the advantage of photographing more on intuition as opposed to the limitations of what you see behind the camera. Photography is a broad and expansive craft. If you are a student of what piques your interest, you will naturally learn what you need to know to take the kind of pictures you see in your mind. It's ok to tackle one piece at a time and practice it until you are ready for more. There is always more to understand in photography.

How would you describe your work?

I'm always aiming to photograph in a way that is kind and genuine. I'm drawn to movement, colors, and how the light interacts within a scene. I was trained as a graphic designer, so my mind can't help but think about hierarchy and balance in my images.

My photography evolves, and I'm ok with that.

The last two years have been a technical comprehension revolution for my work. I've spent a lot of time shooting with other photographers and investing in off camera lighting. It's demanded more discipline to work out of studios and to shoot commercial work with consistent results. 

For personal photography, my intention is to capture life the way I see it and want to remember it. I hope that the attitude I have toward life is evident in the way I photograph it. I'm easily a wallflower, so I will always love to savor a piece of uninterrupted life as it is happening. 

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What is your favorite childhood memory?

One of my favorite things to do during December was to sit in the dark and stare at our Christmas tree. Sometimes I would sing carols or read a book with a lamp, but I always wanted to be in that room. Even when everyone else was preoccupied. I have vivid memories of sitting on the hot air vent in our old house and looking at the pretty light coming from the tree. It's a joke that I do the same thing now, but Christmas lights are magical and I still like it.

Favorite cup of coffee?

Mine is the cup I make each morning for my commute. Our day starts early with packing my 8 year's lunch and filling my thermos with coffee. It's a 50 min drive (roundtrip on a good day) to get him to school & my youngest to the babysitter, so I must have that cup or the morning just isn't the same.

Name three of your favorite iPhone apps to use for photography.

Camera+  is my oldest camera app & my favorite. It allows you to lock a focus and/or meter (as well as some other things). This is so valuable in iPhone photography. I never edit in Camera+, but use the camera in it almost exclusively.
Afterlight is one of the only apps I edit photos in. Love their classic filters & easy adjustments like brightness, shadows, and color temperature.
Over is an app I don't use this one often, but it's a great way to add text to an image. Lots of great typefaces to choose from!

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Thanks so much to the crew at Dayton's Best Instagram who shared my work & also make platform to celebrate inspiring photographers in Dayton!

Follow along at @daytonsbest and @andreadozierphotography & my personal account @andreadozier

Merry Christmas!