New Photography Studio Name for Andrea Dozier Photography- Andrea Belle Studios, LLC


Lately I keep hearing advice that goes along the lines of, "it's ok to dream, but please start somewhere." This couldn't be more applicable for me, because I want to polish off every idea before I move forward. Ready or not, here I am:

New Name for is now

After being in business for five years as a sole proprietor, owning "Andrea Dozier | Boutique Photography," I have a new business name & LLC:

Andrea Belle Studios, LLC

Thanks for all your support, those of you who have hired me & recommended me over the years. I appreciate each and every referral, and those of you who have my photographs in your homes and as the wallpaper on your phones! It's really incredible to think of all the celebrations I've been able to be part of and what an honor it is to join you for so many intimate moments. I appreciate that you have faith in the way I see the world, and I hope to continue to join you for what's ahead... just with a new name!

Six years after beginning to photograph my first clients, this is my full time career. Now that both my sons will be in school this fall, I look forward to expanding my business & serving more people. It's been a welcome change to pour new energy into my new LLC, and I will be opening my first studio this summer. The next chapter is being written & I still have some 2015 wedding dates available for booking. I'll also be incorporating my college roots and accepting more commercial branding photography & design projects.

For those of you curious, "Bell" is my maiden name with an added "e." I proudly pulled an Anne of Green Gables in naming myself.

Please share this update with your friends and family as I make this transition from "Andrea Dozier | Boutique Photography" to "Andrea Belle Studios, LLC."

Thank you for all your kindness, support, and encouragement!

With love & thanks,


Please be patient with me while I cross over all my social media names and pages to reflect "Andrea Belle Studios" as a wedding photographer in Dayton, Ohio!