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Answers to help with your wedding photography research.

Central Park Engagement Session in New York by
Willow Tree Inn Tipp City, Ohio by

Willow Tree Inn Tipp City, Ohio by

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Heirloom Print Boxes by Andrea Belle Studios, LLC

Heirloom Print Boxes by Andrea Belle Studios, LLC

Old Courthouse Wedding in Dayton, Ohio by Andrea Belle Studios

How does the booking process work? 

We set up a meeting in person, through Skype, or a phone call. Once we've detailed a plan for your wedding, we move forward with a quote, contract and invoice for the retainer. Once we've completed this process, your date is booked and we talk about when to schedule an engagement session!

Do you work with an assistant? 

Yes! I've noticed that she not only gets angles & moments I would miss alone, she does much more. She helps drive, carry bags, gather families for portraits, coordinate & communicate with family & guests, sets up our lighting for receptions, and gives our couples the chance to have a relaxed experience. She helps me focus on capturing great images by taking care of the things that could distract me from important moments.

Can I just have you come alone?

I have shot some weddings alone, and many with two photographers. For the simple & relaxed manner I photograph weddings, it is better to have two of us. I do work with some couples who have unique & intimate weddings, and one photographer works just fine. It's best to discuss your options personally so that we can make sure we understand what would work best for you.

What kind of camera equipment do you use? 

Nikon professional digital cameras (D700 & D800) & exceptional Nikkor Lenses. I prefer my 50 1.4, 24 1.4, and 85 1.4. The 24-70 2.8, 60 micro, & 70-200 2.8 are standard additions to each wedding too. For receptions, I use off camera flashes powered by PocketWizard triggers and SB 910 flashes.

How long will I need you?

This depends on your priorities for the day and some logistical details I'd be happy to cover in email or by setting up a phone call. Most weddings are covered thoroughly with 8 hours of coverage.

Do you let us keep high resolution images?

Yes! Each wedding, no matter the coverage or products, is always designed to give couples the flexibility of having high resolution images (suitable for printing) in their possession and a printing release that allows you to print them.

Do you Photoshop every image?

Although I'm fluent in Photoshop, I have built my workflow in Lightroom and rarely open Photoshop. I process each image that you receive for exposure, style, and color. I do not Photoshop your images to make them better, more flattering, or to remove anything.

Do you print proofs? 

Yes! Receiving tangible proofs (selected 4 x 6 printed images) is a whole different experience than getting a USB in the mail or viewing hundreds of JPGs online. Prints help to memorialize the day and give you a chance to remember your wedding from a new layer of experience.

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Polen Farm Wedding in Kettering, Ohio by Andrea Belle Studios

Polen Farm Wedding in Kettering, Ohio by Andrea Belle Studios

Cincinnati Wedding on a Private Estate by Andrea Belle Studios

Cincinnati Wedding on a Private Estate by Andrea Belle Studios

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What is a first look? Do we have to do that?

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A first look is when a bride & groom see each other before the wedding ceremony. There are many reasons to have one, and many other reasons to go with the tradition of seeing each other at the ceremony for the first time. One advantage is being able to do all family formals before the wedding. Sometimes, I recommend against having one for specific reasons. There are always pros and cons with each choice so I do my best to educate you. I have written a short PDF to help show you understand the options you have, but the choice is always yours.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

I did a handful of weddings in 2009 as requested by friends. My first wedding was published in The Knot Minnesota and I discovered that I enjoyed photographing couples in love & the atmosphere of a joyful wedding. Although I have been commissioned for weddings because of my eye for authentic moments & styling details, I have worked carefully to build on principles of business behind the scenes. Over the last six years, I've invested in my equipment, knowledge, experience, and workflow. You can read more about my work experience, on the About page here.

I'm not getting married, but do you do portraits?

When my wedding schedule allows, I love booking portrait & commercial projects! My preference is to mix traditional portraits with clean & simple styling. I like to layer genuine interaction & real moments, so that I can achieve in camera what you see in life. Please email me for availability.

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Thank you for reading these questions, please let me know if I can go over anything you see here or ask me something else that comes to mind!

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